Take a selfie as a form of political protest? Yes you can


Taking a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower at night is illegal. Sounds ridiculous? Perhaps you’re not familiar with an outdated European Union copyright law. To help you protest the law — should you wish to protest — Mozilla has released a web app called Post Crimes.

light-night-lens-shadowSimply upload a picture, and the app will superimpose it onto a photo of a copyright-protected European landmark (technically you just broke the law twice!) and sends the result as a postcard to a member of the EU Parliament.

The EU is changing many parts of its copyright laws. One area that remains unchanged are old laws that make many popular creative expressions on the internet illegal. So know you’re breaking Johnny Law when posting your three fictional characters meme.

Mozilla sees this as a missed opportunity and is provoking the EU to update these laws. “We’re not advocating plagiarism or piracy, ” says Mozilla. Post Crimes is trying to get 1,000 post cards sent to Parliament – only 954 to go!

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